Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Hand That Rocks My Blog.

I want to start off by saying that I never created my blog to be mean to anyone. As you all have seen I write about things that I experience and I stay away from blasting or outing people that I'm not too thrilled with at the time. And maybe this is why the story I'm about to tell you guys really rubbed me wrong. I get comments on my blog and I always comment back and love when I hear from you guys. I had a gal who reached out to me and our little chat led her to send me an email and shorty after a Facebook request. When I added her, I took a peek at her albums (as most people do when you add new people on your Facebook) well, much to my surprise, there was one album where she had taken some of my blogs and copied and pasted them on her Facebook wall and was trying to pass them off as her original thoughts and humor. I have to admit, my jaw fell to the floor. BUT not only did she do that but her comments back to the people that left her comments were also taken word for word. WHAT?

There was too many to post but this one made me laugh the most because this blog post was personal and I was dealing with something that hurt me and made me feel shitty. HERE is my original post and bellow is hers.

My most favorite one is this one. This is a picture I took for Mr Bigot (And was clearly an inside joke) This is my coffee and this is my dresser. So she has also been taking from my Twitter account. YAY!!!!

And the list goes on and on. NOW, the debate has been do I have the right to be upset or should I be flattered? Here is why I am upset. She could of given my blog shout-outs being honest about how much she loved it. All would be great in the world if she would of went about this way. My blog is very personal to me, and yes, I know it's public and things like this could happen. I guess in the little world I live in I thinks people are cool, and especially the people who reach out to me on here. I don't like fake people. I would like to think I'm rarely fake. So I don't get this.

Sometimes I don't write as much as I would like to. Sometimes I don't have the time or I'm not feeling inspired, and it really rubs me wrong that when I do have something to say, it can just be copied and pasted and someone can say "HEY, look how funny I am." NO YOU'RE NOT, you're a lame sauce!

OK, ok, I know I will get over this. But not before I have a some fun with this story on my blog. I mean, how could I not write about THIS, right?

~ It’s better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody. ~
Matt Damon


  1. Flattery taken too far maybe?? Why yes!! I think we are all guilty of admiring others, taking what other say into account, a little FB stalking here and there, but to "pretend" that you are someone that you aren't and to create a personality for yourself is SAD! You can't feel angry about this but pity and sadness for this girl! I'm sure she's one of those that loses herself in reality TV, re-creating herself because she doesnt know who she is or how to embrace herself. Thank her for teaching you that this will happen to you and that this is not the first time. Next time you'll be prepared! :) On to the next stalker and lost little souls....! BAM

  2. This is NOT real. Like really not real, right? I cannot believe it... She's your cyber stalker! Be careful she doesn't try to Mr. Ripley you, like Mr. Damon.

  3. Have to admit, kind of CREEPY, a bit funny & "lame sauce"... um thats putting it LIGHTLY! Whats the saying "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"?! Well this goes above & BEYOND.

    Agreed - a shout out to your fabulosity self (yes, i totally just used the word "fabulosity", i'm still on my first cup of coffee.. words are hard to find right now!) would have been OK?? STILL THOUGH! Can i just scream a big fat NO to this even being anywhere near OK?!?!!! What worries me is if someone would copy & PRETEND to be someone else, word for f*ing WORD, what else are they capable of.

    Just FREAKY!

    Please update if an explanation is given because gdmf (god damn mother fucker) this shit is WACK. (Can you tell people like this really FREAK ME OUT!) More coffee now please.

  4. OK so my last comment MAY have been a BIT harsh. BUT i am full of protective bones in this (post baby (ugh)) body. I get so annoyed when women come along & put a damper on female friendships & creativity (be it - via internet or real life), by acting ridiculous, insincere & fake. Is jealousy or imitation (i don't want to even use that word because its not NORMAL imitation) playing a role or is she just a sad person who doesn't have her own personality to be proud of?!?

    STILL (lets be honest here) if you're going to go to the extreme of copying posts, pictures & words... why in the hell was she so open about it (adding you as an FB friend, etc.) - i mean THATS where it gets a bit strange.

    Ok i'm done (i think :)). I totally understand if my last comment and/or this one, was a bit harsh to post. But PLEASE keep us posted on the next page of this (kinda funny BUT STILL NOT RIGHT) "story".

  5. Rachelle Lee JohnsonJune 5, 2011 at 11:51 AM

    There is a point to which it can be flattering.. but if you get the icky feeling in your stomach then that is when you know it has gone to far.. I have had some similar things happen to me online and it makes me sick! These people are essentially stalkers!

    I would consider reporting anymore weirdness to the police.. they take these things seriously.. I had a blog written by someone else pretending to be me to defame my character and there were pictures galore.. I did report it to the police just in case anything further would happen..

    I guess there is a point where you can be too awesome and cause people to go crazy;) HAHAHAHA

  6. I'm SO glad you guys agree with me. It's so weird cuz you would think her personal friends would be like who the hell did you get so funny and since when do you write like that? Hahaha! Right????

    Here is how it went down when I called her out! She has since blocked me as if I had done HER wrong....

    FridayBarby Garcia
    Well, I see that my blog has been helpful for you to post my stuff as if it was yours. Haahaa! Too funny!

    YesterdayLisa Moore-Meyer
    Oh no! I hope you don't mind that I used your Trans Am pic. I gave a shout out to you in the Trans Am comment box so you'd know I wasn't trying to take credit.

    YesterdayBarby Garcia
    I could care less about that! I'm talking about the other HANDFUL of MY blog post that you have posted on your wall that you clearly made it look like YOU wrote and even one of them (the Teddy Ruxbyn one) you took my comment and even posted it word for word. Does that not seem creepy and asshole like to you???? It does to most people on my facebook after I blasted you out! I felt so ripped off by you last when I saw these! I spend time on my blog, I'm original and funny and you just go and copy and paste MY work and take the credit cuz you're lame and obviously insecure about who you are. You are definitely not anyone I would ever be friends with in the real world! And the fact that you just wrote me what you did knowing that you have took credit before, is proof that you have some major issues.

    YesterdayLisa Moore-Meyer
    Wow. It's facebook. I didn't take your stuff to the press and make money off it. It's great work and I wanted to spread the love. If you are going to get upset, maybe blogging to the open public shouldn't be your thing. I guarentee someone will publish your work someday and make money off it. MY designs are stolen all the time AND money is made off my work without me seeing a dime. That's the way the creative industry works. It sucks, but I deal with it. I'm over this, wasting my time.

    YesterdayBarby Garcia
    Spread the love. I'm ALL about posting my blog you would be spreading the love. That's not what you did. It's no different than be being a photographer and you saying that you took the picture. DUH!!! Blogging IS my thing. CLEARLY!!!
    AND F-off for trying to turn this around on me and trying to make it sound like it's my fault for blogging. HAHAHA!! Dude, you are a CRAZY LADY!!!

    The End!

    She pisses me off. She is a LAME SAUCE!!!!

  7. P.S The creative industry DOES NOT work that way. The creative industry has creative people who are original and smart enough to BE creative. She is not and should not be in the creative industry if she's going to knock off peoples individual style and personality. Be yourself. Love yourself. And be a good and decent human by not being a CREEP SAUCE!!!!

  8. WOW. bad. bad. bad.

  9. Super creeped out by this whole story. Imitation is a form of flattery, but when you are the one being imitated, it is NOT flattering. My blog is also personal, from my heart. I doubt it would ever be copy and pasted style, but if it was I too would be a lil offended... to say the least. the word bodysnatcher comes to mind... and it seems like there are a small group of them in the world. insecure, lost, confused, small shrinking little people so uncomfortable in their own skin that they like to try other peoples on... CREEPS ME OUT...

    love your blog BTW
    xo sally

  10. Good on you girl!! I love your blog, how dare her turn that on you. Creative industry, yes she is very creative copying and pasting huh ha! Glad you told that lame creepster lady where to go stick it!

  11. just wanted to say that i adore your blog and how original you are and it sucks that happened. sucks worse for her that she has so little original to say but way to call her out, keep up the amazing writing!!!