Saturday, December 5, 2009

Feel better, Feel good, Feel wonderful!

A club night in Salt Lake is worth blogging about, you see people you don't see anymore, you all gather in the same place you saw each other a year ago AND you swore you would never attend again, you recite the same scripted bullshit lines of "how have you been?" "so good to see you" while the bad remix dance version of Jay-Z is blaring so loud, keeping you from really hearing the other persons scripted bullshit lines. You stand around, realize how old you really are in comparison to these 22 year old girls grinding on one another in skin tight dresses and opened toed shoes (in the winter cause it's sexy, duh) then before you know it, you find yourself dancing to the bad remix dance version of Jay-Z next to some Ed Hardy-true religion-gel addicted-douchery of a guy (who sadly could be a really nice person, but his fashion sense has limited him and has made me judge him) you have a couple more drinks, laugh at bad dancers on the dance floor with your friends, recite some more scripted lines and call it a night by 2am. The best part? I had fun tonight.

Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful- Prince

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