Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Check out the little Asshole behind us, he sneezes all over EJ and I. His face is SO funny (doesn't he just look like an Asshole?)
The other Asshole was the Jazz bear who sprayed his silly string jizz on me.
I have had a lot of fun going to these Jazz games with EJ, especially because he gets so into them, he likes to yell "YOU SUCK' to the other team and he BOOOO's really loud, I get a big kick out of it and join in the insults. On our way to the game, EJ said "you look really pretty Mom" and I will tell you what, there is no one that a compliment means more to me then from this little guy, I had to hold back some tears. Over dinner we had the talk about the girls and I advised him that if he wants to take his new girlfriend to the movies, that it would be best to call her Mom and ask her for permission and that if I gave him extra lunch money tomorrow, that he has to use it to buy her a cookie (EJ and his new GF don't even eat lunch together, she sits with her friends and EJ sits with the boys, then he walks her to class) Remember 7th grade? Oh, to be young again.
Good game, floor seats and lots of junk food with my stinker..Success!

Jazz- 102 Bobcats -93

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