Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wild Animal

Earth is a wild Animal. The resent earthquake in Haiti and now the one that just hit Chile tonight should be a reminder of that, Earth is pissed, I don't think people realize what is awaiting us, I'm not physic or have a glass ball but guess what? the worst is coming, BIG things are going to happen and this wild animal will have no mercy on us, you want to know why? because there are too many Assholes in the world, Earth is going to start wiping Assholes out, the sad thing is that along with Earth doing this "clean house" of Assholes, it's sadly going to also wipe out good people (it's a wild animal, it doesn't know, it just knows to ATTACK when it feels it's in danger) Earth has been in danger for billions of years and it is now doing what it needs to, we abuse Earth, we laugh in it's face, we treat each other cruelly, we should all be scared, we should all be ashamed, we should all be aware that at anytime Earth can pull the rug right from under you and just like that, POOF, one less ASSHOLE! Your parties and your superficial life of empty relationships with other shallow people, will no longer matter and you will be forced to deal with some REAL shit when earth rocks your world. You are not bigger then the world, the world doesn't owe you shit and it's just a matter of time before this wild animal attacks.

This has been brought to you by the Assholes free world, a non profit organization.
"A world with less Assholes is a happy world"

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