Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friends-Inspired-Waffles And Stuff.

Last nights "School Of Seven Bells" concert was so great. I discovered these guys on the Internet a while back. My friend Zuzanna got to catch up with her old friends. And, I got to chat a little with Benjamin after the show. I started to ask him questions about the band, their new album and touring. Shortly after, Paula looked at me and said "You should really be a Journalist. You asked some really good questions". So, I got thinking, what if I start interviewing bands that roll into Salt Lake and blog about it? Eh? I might be on to something good.

Trying to get into my new camera, but it will never have the magic my old one did. It was so amazing at taking pictures without the flash. This new one, as much as I need it, is like the new boyfriend that will never live up to that one that just had "IT".

Paula and I.

Zuz, catching up with Ale and Benjamin.

Sporting my favorite vintage leather jacket.
(From Decades)

Paula and Heidi. Hussy tricks!

Ending the night with some Chicken and Waffles, Duh!
Bayleaf, a cool 24 hour joint in Salt Lake. My biggest compliant about this city, is that after 1am the place is ghost town. We lack the after hours charm that most cities have. Unless you want some "Moon over my hammies" at Denny's, or you want a Beto's burrito on the way home, our 24 hour diners are non existent. I'm glad this place is catering to the people that want to grub after a concert, and who don't go to bed at 1am on the weekends. I have hope Salt Lake will step it up. Until then, I will rely on Bayleaf, and my out of town experiences.


  1. What a fun night! Thanks for coming out with me! Wish I had made it to time! xoxo Zu

  2. We missed you but I had a great night at the concert with you. Thank you again :)