Tuesday, March 15, 2011


There comes a time in every young boys life, when he swears around his Motha'....

Tonight EJ and I went shopping for his up coming 14th Birthday this Saturday. We went to dinner, where the waiter didn't believe I was his Mom. I know I should be flattered, but now I'm just going to start showing people that don't believe me, my stretch marks! Make it real nice and awkward.

After dinner it was off to the MALL!  When we walked in, I spotted a photo booth. Elijah and I have had our share of photo booth fun, from the time he was a witttle baby, all the way to the time I begged him 5 days pre-14. He finally agreed, but not before making sure there wasn't anyone in sight that he knew that could spot him in the photo booth with his dear old (uncool) mom. When we both got in, he noticed that the booth didn't have a curtain. He sat down, and he said "I just want to close the curtain on this shit....I mean, shizzz." His face went blank, he looked at me and said "Oh gosh, I forgot I was with you" at that moment there was nothing we could do...but laugh our faces off.

He admitted that him and his friends swear. I admitted that me and my friends do, too. I explained that there's a time and a place, and that not having a curtain on the booth was a proper time to drop one, I suppose. Oh man, these years ahead are going to be real interesting. I'm just lucky to have such a great little dude, who makes me laugh and who truly is, just like his dear old (super cool) mom.

5 days away from my EJ's 14th Birthday, I guess it was just a matter of time before he accidentally dropped his first swear word on me.

I think a Birthday/Swearing celebration is in order.


  1. My teenage daughter curses like a sailor, but whenever she does she uses it judiciously and to humorous effect. Just cannot reprimand her when I am doubled over in laughter.

  2. Kids are funny like that. I couldn't be mad. It was long over due!!!