Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On the set of The Legend of Awesomest Maximus.

I'm not by any means an actress. I have had some little parts here and there in some films, and not sure why I haven't chased the acting thing more. Especially because I feel that I was born to entertain. Most, if not all of the things I love to do have to do with entertaining (even this little blog, I think). Thanks to my producer friend, I was able to update my IMDb page (Still in the works). They are few and far between, but it turned on that fire in me that wants to get back into auditioning and being a round movie sets that I love so much. I've had a chance to work with the late Dennis Hoper. I've had some girl talk with Kathy Bates. I've talked  music with Christopher Walken. I've even giggled with Marisa Tomei. And who could forget when I got yelled at by a director for making Naomi Cambell laugh. So, over all I have had some amazing experiences. And I decided that it is time to move forward with this. It's now or never.

I know his name is Ian Ziering, buuuuut, he will always be Steve Sanders to me.


  1. "Most, if not all of the things I love to do have to do with entertaining (even this little blog, I think)." Dont THINK girly... KNOW! You are my most entertaining - entertainer blogger :) & in my own "should i / shouldn't i" mind & self questioning about starting my own blog, then stalking, I MEAN, (kidding. SERIOUSLY kidding. :)) researching what is going on with all the blogs out there.. i stumbled upon yours.

    Maybe one day i'll be as daring to open up & WRITE as it is one of my many LOVES. But for now i am so happy i found your words. You inspire me. Your far too beauty-full, funny, one hell of a writer & having just had my first son, i LOVE reading your insight on parenting / raising him.

    As always. You rock.
    Mama Bear

    (I totally should have emailed this??? Ahhh F*CK IT! Guaranteed i am writing what others wish or are far to jealy to say!)

  2. Awwwww, lady! Seriously, you are too good to me. I love this little blog. I'm still convinced that my ex boyfriends are the only ones that read. I'm tickled that I have readers, and cool, funny ones like you. I've had one fun ride being a mom and I'm excited for you to raise a little dude and hopefully read what you have to say when you start blogging more (cuz I would read).

    Thank you, for real! Means so much to me.
    And Faaack it, YOU can say what you want on here, I do ;)