Tuesday, March 15, 2011


First of April is around the corner, and I'm tickled to be going back to NYC with my girls. This might be big trouble. I'm going with 3 of my most troublesome hussies, and my favorite hussy, Kate in NY will be in our company. My excitement has me doing cartwheels and making Jim Carey faces.

This trips comes at a perfect time. I'm bored here. Bored with this place. I need to get out as much as being a mom and trying to be responsible will allow me. My social life lately is non existent. I plan to come back with exciting stories, a couple of great outfits, and I'm not leaving until I kiss one boy (I sound 16, Teehee).  A third NY Boyfriend, perhaps? They say the third time is a charm? Naaah! I'm enjoying this single thing a bit too much right now. I'm going to milk it and have an amazing summer. You can quote me on that. And you can quote me on this- YAAAWN, time for the city that doesn't sleep, cuz lately things here are putting me to zzzzzzzzzz's, yo! Not even any good concerts lately.

I'm excited to walk around amongst lots of people, and smell garbage, and eat a water dog, and take the subway, shopping, and stay out until the suns comes up, and eat at cute cafe's, dink good coffee and wine, and love my life. OOOH, there is not place like New York City, my friends. Plus, when I leave and come back, I appreciate it again. No offense Salt Lake, you're pretty and all but you can take the girl out of a city, but you can't take the city out of the girl. It's nothing personal. 

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