Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let's Talk Vintage.

A comment from a reader inspired to share this. I do love vintage shopping. Living here in Salt Lake (Small lake as the locals call it) can limit my Vintage shopping itch. We do hold our own, and have a couple of really good stores. Decades is my favorite (they sadly don't have a website, but pack a lunch because you won't want to leave for hours. It's that great in there, and the music they play makes the experience even more enjoyable).  Now, the best vintage shopping I have personally experienced will always be L.A and N.Y (duh) but I have also found some really cool websites, like Nasty Gal.

Over the weekend Decades made my Saturday with this fancy jacket I got got $24.

Most of my vintage pieces are hung behind my bedroom door.
I just don't feel they fit in with the rest of the duds in my closet.
Special treatment, I suppose.

*I think every girl should have a couple of vintage pieces and one hot vintage purse.

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