Saturday, March 12, 2011


This is my favorite picture he took of me!

My Ex-Boyfriend Phil, has turned into one pretty hot photographer. Phil has this style about him, from not only his photography but his style of music (which his mix CD's are always my favorites) to the way he dresses. He has effortlessly branded himself.  Phil is actually the one that encouraged me to start this blog. He helped create this monster (please direct all hate mail or complaints to Phil).  Even if we do sometimes get into it with each other, he is very much still a part of my life. Phil and I had a late lunch yesterday, and we laugh at the same dumb stuff. I told him that I wish more people really saw this side of him. I have always said that Phil is misunderstood. People meet him and think he's arrogant and very serious. I know Phil as a sweet guy, with a great sense of humor. Sure, at times difficult, but I'm for certain that he takes my bad with my good, too. He gets me.  I'm very proud of his talents, and him. 


  1. So.... since i only "know" Phil through your stories & posts from time to time, i REALLY can't make much of a fair judgment, BUT i can say he totally did one thing RIGHT... encouraged you to start this blog. For selfish reasons you rock.. as always... and your words even more!! Hope he knows what he's missing out on by missing out being with you. Boom. (Yep said it & wrote it outloud :))

    Love your bloggy fans & readers who love you. period.

  2. Hahahahaha! MAAAMAA!!! you make me laugh! Thank you :)