Friday, March 19, 2010


Happy Birthday, to the only one thing in my life that makes total sense, that's unconditional, selfless and pure. He came into this world 13 years ago today and he changed my life. Elijah has made it brighter and richer and a lot of fun. He has taught me so much, about how to love, to be patient, to breath, to laugh. He is loving, funny, kind and extraordinarily smart. He is my Son and my buddy, the only one love that is so strong, that not even eternity stands a chance, this love will live forever. I'm honored and it's my pleasure to raise this little Man, who will hold a door open for you, who will always thank you for everything you do for him, who will share most anything with you, who will (for sure) beat you at a game of Basketball and without a doubt, make you laugh!

Happy Birthday, to my brand spaking new Teenager!
I love you.

*Update: I now need 2 hands to count how many times I have cried since Jan, 2 - after writing this and I'm sure all day today.

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  1. I love you guys so much. Please give Elijah a warm hug from us. We wish you both a day full of love and laughter.