Monday, October 11, 2010


Shooting some new pictures for the Gloveables campaign tomorrow. My last experience doing this photoshoot was so much fun. I will be working with people I love, so it's just such haaaard work. The best part about this, is that I get to play sweet little housewife. I would love to say that I look this cute when I cook. I can't lie. Usually I'm in sweat pants, slippers and a T-shirt, that by the end of my cooking attempts, will look like I just got done feeding a baby, who threw all his food at me. This picture? Not so much me in the kitchen. But is sure is fun to play the part. Proper little Bytch, who makes apples pies from scratch.

My Vegas friends have also recently told me that these pictures are up at the Fashion Show Mall. I didn't even know. I want to see for myself. Good excuse for a Vegas trip if you ask me.

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