Monday, July 4, 2011

The Mexican

The Mexican, who is not a Mexican at all but resides there at the current moment. He came into my life a while back and we had a bit of a fun romance. We talked everyday, we always shared 3 new songs with each other every Tuesday. Not to mention our hilarious and sweet Skype dates we had before bed.

Skype would at times get stuck and his face would freeze. He would like to play like it would get frozen, and he would freeze his face, like this. I still think it's one of the funniest things ever.

I spent time in Mexico with him. He was the best host, sweet, caring, charming, cultured. He loves Mexicans, what can I say?  I can't say enough good things about him, obviously. During the holidays he came home and I invited him over for dinner. Until this day EJ thinks he is one of the coolest people on earth. Agreed.

That visit put us on another level. We talked a lot, about love, dating, life, the what ifs, the why nots, the maybes. Being realistic that long distance thing would be too hard. Even if I'm not new to these, I know how hard they are. He has remained a very good friend. I love him dearly.

I guess the reason why I'm writing about him, is that I was talking about him this morning and EJ last night asked me if he was ever come visit us again, and this morning he sent me a message that said "I had a dream last night, you were in it. You were really sad... Everything OK?- I fell off my bed (which I do often for other reasons) the fact is that he couldn't have been more dead on. We had an hour long conversation on the phone today. I'm so thankful for this Mexican. We are still very connected, for sure.

Lucky for me, he will be back in Utah in August and back in the USA (Oh, happy 4th and stuff.) He's always welcome at my house for a meal and to give EJ good music and girl pointers. And to remind me, that there are good guys out there.

He may kill me for posting this, BUT how could I not show off his talents? 
I love this!


  1. Aw yes.... i do adore those people in our lives that come and never go....

    What a beautiful depict of this person. Do you ever quietly ask yourself "why"? I love day-dreaming about the "whys"! :)

  2. I like the maybes better ;)

    Love you, Mama Bear!

  3. Sorry you feel that way. I've met him more than once and I can beg to differ.

    SO maybe you didn't get to meet him twice? Maybe you're impression was blurred by that cocktail you're holding there, in that them there hand, eh?

    So either it's was a case of the misfortunate first bad impression OOOOR, he fucked some chick you had it for :)

    Just saying!

  4. UGH!!!! P.S I'm going to kill you for really making me think you were some hater. Did you see my claws come out???

    Damn YOU!!! You got me!

  5. Ha! I was hoping that would happen! Especially since I went to much concerted effort and signed into an account I haven't signed into for years in order to be able to comment at all. And me blurred by the coctail? Hardly, he's the one who took that picture of me during our romantic week together in Spain; look at how crooked it is. He didn't even get my face in the photo for chrissakes. One of us was drunk but based on the picture it wasn't me...

    You were right about two things though, a) best guy around, and b) he probably has done that to me with girls I've had it for but only because he's better looking and more charming.

  6. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Shhheeeeesh!

    And a) I've seen you in person, and b) you can hold your own in the looks and charm department. ;)